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2" Copper Electrodes
2" Copper Electrodes

2" Copper Electrodes for Pool or Well POE

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2" Replacement Copper Electrodes for ECOsmarte Swimming Pool Systems and ECOsmarte Well Water Whole House Systems (Point-of-Entry or POE)



2" Copper Electrodes
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How To Replace the Copper Electrodes:

First, remove the old electrodes.

1)  Shut of the water, pull the colored wires free of the metal tabs, and unscrew the electrode chamber carefully.  If the chamber is too tight to unscrew by hand, use a strap wrench being careful not to crack the chamber.  

2)  Hold the chamber horizontal and loosen the screws holding the copper electrodes in place.

3)  Tilt the chamber allowing the old electrodes to fall out - be careful not to scratch the titanium electrodes.

Installing the new electrodes:

1)  Hold the chamber horizontal so that when you put in an electrode, it won't slide into one of the titanium electrodes, and put one of the new copper electrodes into the end of the electrode chamber.  It will be a tight fit and you may need to force them in.

2)  Balance the copper electrode over one of the screw holes and use an electric screwdrier or a drill with a screwdriver bit to put the screw up through the chamber hole and into the copper electrode.

3)  Do the same for the other electrode.

4)  Once the electrodes are tightly in place, put a bead of silicone around the rubber grommet on the outside of the chamber, to prevent leaking.

5)  Allow the silicone to dry.

6)  Replace the chamber in the plumbing, tightening it into place by hand.  

Note:  In Pool and Spa Systems, the electrode chamber needs to be put in so that the water flows over the copper electrodes first, titanium electrodes last.  In City Water Point-of-Entry Systems, the titanium electrodes are first in the water flow, the copper electrodes are last.

7)  Replace the colored wires, red and green to copper, black and white to titanium.


2" Copper Electrode Dimensions:

Length - 4"

Width - 2"

Depth - 6/16"

The copper electrodes come in a set of 2 and include the "hardware" (the 2 titanium screws, rubber grommets and metal tabs that hold the electrodes in the chamber).


How often do the copper electrodes need to be replaced?

Pool Systems - Every 1-3 years, depending on length of swimming season and other environmental factors

How do I know when the copper electrodes need to be replaced?

Replace the copper electrodes if:

The electrodes are about 1/16" or less in thickness

The electrodes are wobbly on the screws

The electrodes have fallen off of the screws

What size copper electrodes do I need?

Pool Systems- For pools over about 15,000 gallons, 2" electrodes are needed.  Some pools under about 15,000 gallons may need 1 1/2" electrodes.  Please determine the size needed by making either of the following measurements:

 1)  Measure the circumference of the electrode chamber.  2" chambers are almost 8" around, 1 1/2" chambers are about 6.5" around.

2)  Measure the width of the titanium electrodes.  The titanium electrodes never change size.  The copper electrodes are the same width as the titanium electrodes (either 2" or 1 1/2")

 Well Water POE - 2"

How do I clean the copper electrodes?

1)  Turn off the water, slip the colored wires off of the metal tabs, and unscrew the electrode chamber from the plumbing.  If it is too tight to unscrew by hand, use a strap wrench being careful not to crack the chamber.

2)  In a 5 gallon bucket, create a solution of 5 parts water to 1 part liquid acid (muriatic acid or equivalent).  

3)  Submerge the entire chamber in this solution for 10-15 minutes.  Let the solution do the work.  Do not scrub or scrape the electrodes which could damage them.  If the chamber isn't clean after that time, allow the chamber to soak or another 10-15 minutes.  Do not exceed a total of about 30 minutes.

4) Rinse the chamber and replace in the plumbing line, tightening by hand.

5)  Replace the colored wires on the metal tabs on the chamber.  (Red and green wires go to the copper electrodes, black and white wires go to the titanium electrodes.)

6)  The used acid solution is safe to pour down the drain, the sewer, and even directly onto the ground.

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Size 2" for a Pool or Well POE
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