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About ECOsmarte Online Store

Located in Woodbury Minnesota, the Online Store formed  to conveniently provide ECOsmarte electrodes, and other supplies, to ECOsmarte customers over the internet.  We will continue to expand our inventory to include emerging technologies from around the globe, as well as develop our own technologies, to compliment the benefits of ECOsmarte water. 

Our goal is to create a site that can answer many of the questions ECOsmarte owners have about operating a chemical-free spa, pool, or home water treatement system.  Currently available is the Pool Problem Solver, and in development are the Spa Problem Solver and the Point-of-Entry Home Water Treatment System Problem Solver.

ECOsmarte continues to develop or find accompanying technologies and products to make swimming pools and spas easier and easier to maintain.  All the products offered on this site have long and successful histories with us and our customers.

Please feel free to use our Live Chat, or to email with any questions or suggestions to

ECOsmarte Online Store Team