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Ascorb-X Ascorbic Acid
Ascorb-X Ascorbic Acid

Ascorb-X (Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C) 2 pounds-Single

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Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C, for use in ECOsmarte pools and spas for certain kinds of cleaning. Not to be used to lower pH in ECOsmarte pools (causes cloudy water). Comes in a 2 pound container.

Ascorbic acid is safe to use in ECOsmarte pools and spas for removing some staining. Not to be used for lowering pH in ECOsmarte pools as it causes cloudy water. Ascorb-X is recommended for cleaning projects around the pool and on the edges of the pool as it is compatible with ECOsmarte water. It is an environmentally friendly product, safe to use and non-toxic around people and pets.
More Information
Diving Board Length 6'
CoverFree Size 16oz Bottle
Phenol Red Size 1/2oz Bottle
Non-Chlorine Shock Size 1 lb Quantity
GlassPack - Choose Filter Size GlassPack 50lb Bag
Select Product Quantity 1 Gallon
Size 16 Ounce
Product Size Large
Quantity Single
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