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ECOsmarte Copper Test Kit
ECOsmarte Copper Test Kit

Copper Test Kit

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The LaMotte copper test kit is the kit recommended for testing copper in ECOsmarte pools and spas.

It comes with a bottle of Copper A, Copper B, a plastic sample tube, and a comparison color chart.

Stay on top of pool water quality with our reliable copper test kit. Chemical-free pools have proven to be an appealing alternative for families and business owners who are concerned about the environment and swimmer safety in general. If your pool utilizes an ionizer or if you plan on having a new one installed, we highly recommend keeping one of these practical test kits on hand.

Don’t wait for your sparkling waters to lose their crystal clear shine. Use this liquid test kit to make sure that copper levels are sufficient to remove debris too small for the average filter to catch. The testing process is made even easier by the included color comparison chart. Simply apply the test then consult the chart for quick results. Don’t assume your ionizer is functioning as it should. Know for sure by using our LaMotte copper test kit. Catch problems earlier and keep up on regular maintenance so your pool always looks refreshing and fabulous!

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Type Automatic and Manual Operation

How To Test: 

*First, test the pH. If it is above 7.2, adjust it to 6.8 - 7.2 before testing the copper. If the pH is out of that range the copper test won't be accurate.

1) Make sure the plastic sample tube is clean and dry. Take a sample of water about 18" below the surface of the water - and away the return jets and skimmers

2) Add 5 drops of Copper A to the sample, put the lid on the tube and invert the tube to mix.

3) Then, add 5 drops of Copper B to the sample and invert the tube to mix. Wait exactly 3 minutes.

4) To read the results you will look down through the length of the sample tube. Hold the tube about 1" above the white section of the color chart.

5)  Compare the color and record the results.  (It is important to look down through the length of the tube, and not through the side)

 Tip:  Store test kits in a cool, dry place.  Do not store in heat, direct sunlight, or extreme cold.  It is recommended to replace test kits every year to ensure accuracy.


How often should I replace the copper test kit?

The shelf life of the copper test kit is about 2 years.  However, ECOsmarte recommends replacing test kits every year to ensure accurate results.

Are there replacements for the Copper A and Copper B?

No.  When Copper A or Copper B are depleted, the Copper Test Kit needs to be completely replaced.

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