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Exact EZ Digital Water Test Kit
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EZ Digital Test Kit

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Our Exact EZ digital water test kit is one of the most accurate ways to gather vital information about your pool and spa water. The no slip grip housing makes it easy to handle in moist environments. The previous 20 tests are saved to track trends in water quality. This cutting edge device provides most accurate information possible on the 4 water parameters of your ECOsmarte pool or spa.

Accurate water readings are necessary to make the right choices about how to treat and maintain water. The Exact EZ digital water test kit is the best solution when it comes to tracking the contents of your pool or spa. This cutting edge device offersall 4 ECOsmarte direct read parameters, including calcium hardness, pH, copper and phosphates.

Not only is this model accurate, but also designed for total comfort and convenience. No loose pieces are required because of the built in permanent cell. 160 test memory is included which allows the unit to save up to 20 tests per menu. Keep an eye on water and look for trends that indicate imbalances that could lead to discoloration, swimmer skin discomfort or damage to your filtration system. A few moments of testing can save you an enormous amount of money in supplies and equipment.

The Exact EZ is easy to hold because it stays lightweight. The exterior is waterproof and the unit will float if accidentally dropped into the pool (but don't drop it on hard surfaces). No color matching is necessary to decipher results. Simply add the test sample and watch as clear, concise data is presented. Each unit purchased is protected by a two year manufacturer’s warranty. All materials needed to test a chlorine-free ECOsmarte pool or spa is provided.

Please make sure the CAP is on the digital reader when testing. Accuracy depends on it. Do not drop on hard surfaces. Breakage by dropping is not protected under warranty.

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Type Automatic Operation Only
Quantity Single
Meter Model Exact EZ
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Exact EZ Digital Water Test Kit
EZ Digital Test Kit

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