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Garlic Barrier Natural Repellent
Garlic Barrier Natural Repellent

Natural Insect Repellent For Home And Garden 32oz

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Garlic Barrier uses highly concentrated garlic as a natural insect and animal repellent for gardens and orchards. Will not affect the taste of fruits and vegetables.

This Natural Repellent is highly effective in protecting garden plants, vegetables, and fruits from insects as well as birds, deer, and rabbits. Can be effective in elimintaing brown spots in lawns caused by grubs. It is beneficial for plants and will not harm birds or animals.

For a more detailed list of what this natural garlic repellent can do click on the "FAQS" tab.

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Garlic Barrier For Home And Garden Use comes in 32oz 1 quart bottles.  

For higher concentrations and quantities for farm and commercial use please contact us.


Note: Quarts dilute in water 10:1 or, 1 cup of Garlic Barrier & 10 cups of water. Diluted quarts cover approximately 15,000 square feet.

For Best Results:

1)  Get the pH of the total mixture of the spray (Garlic Barrier plus Water) between 5.5 and 6.0.  Using diluted water will lower the overall pH.

2)  Spray the mixture between 7:30 AM and 11:00 AM when plants are most receptive.

Does the natural repellent repel FleasTicks and Chiggers?
Yes. If sprayed liberally on grass and plants in yard. 
Will the natural repellent repel deer and rabbits from the garden? Yes.  The entire area must be aprayed.  The effect lasts 12-14 days for deeer and about 10-12 days for rabbits.  
Does the natural repellent repel nesting birds?
No.  The natural repellent only masks the smell of ripening fruit causing them to ignore the fruit.  It will not drive them away from the area or from their nests.
I have just a few rose bushes and several patio plantsand don't want to use poisons.
A quart size bottle of the natural repellent works well for small areas. Use a Windex-style spray bottle to apply. These sprayers usually hold 32 ounces. Fill half the spray bottle with Garlic Barrier - the other half with water. Shake well and spray. Store the bottle in a cool, shady place when not in use. Spray about once a week.  
Is the natural repellent good for plants?
Yes. The natural repellent gets absorbed by the plants and has been shown to enhance growth  
Can the natural repellent repel geese?
Yes.  If the natural repellent is sprayed on grssses it will repel the geese from the grass and cause them to leave.  
Will my fruits or vegetables taste like garlic after I use it?
No. Think about it. When you sprayed insecticides on your berries, did the berries taste like pesticides? No. They won't after spraying the natural repellent either. No garlic flavor is ever imparted to that which is sprayed with the natural repellent.  
If I don't use all of the natural repellent, will it stay gooduntil next year?
Put the lid on tight, store it in a cool place and it should last for about two years. In a refrigerator at 40 degrees, it will last several years.  
Does Garlic Barrier repel bees?
We don't believe that bees are affected by this natural repellent because they use sight to locate plants.  However, when plants are blooming we take the precaution of not spraying at that time.
Can we cook with this natural repellent or take it as we do our garlic pills?
No. It is not food grade and is not made in conditions considered safe for foodstuffs.   
Can I use a hose-end garden sprayer to put the natural repellent in and spray my yard?
Yes. Not as precise as a canister sprayer, but it works OK. Most of these hose-end containers hold a quart and dilute about thirty parts water to one part of the natural repellent and the droplet size is large. If you choose to use it, mix 12 ounces of the natural repellent and 20 ounces of water and pour the mixture into the container and spray away. Normally it takes about 7 minutes to empty the container with the garden hose on full blast, so you need to be quick, or fill it again until you have covered everything we recommend.  
I have a 2-gallon canister sprayer. What would be my formula of the natural repellent and water?
If you have the quart size of the natural repellent, for each gallon of total spray you want in the canister sprayer put 13 ounces of the natural repellent. If you are using the 100% natural repellentr (gallon size or larger) put in 2 ounces of the natural repellent for each gallon of liquid. For 2 gallons of total spray put in 4 ounces of the natural repellent.  
Can I make the natural repellent spray too strong?
We have made 10% solutions and sprayed virtually all our plants, trees and flowers and found no harm at all, except to kill aphids on the spot. You should use the product according to the label directions.  
I have brown spots on my lawn. Will the natural repellent help? Yes, most of the time the natural repellent can help eliminate brown spots. We have had hundreds of customers report that they completely got rid of brown spots in their lawn by spraying the natural repellent directly on the brown spot. It works because most brown spots are caused by subterranean grubs and the natural repellent drives the grubs away.  
I have fungus gnats in my house plants. There are thousands of them. Does this work on them? When you water your plants, put 4 ounces of the natural repellent in each gallon of water in your watering can and stir well. Water or spray with this mixture down around the base of the plant to the point of saturation and do it regularly. We have had excellent luck and had no fungus gnats since doing this.  
I am used to measuring in teaspoons and cups. Could you convert ounces to those for me? 6 teaspoonfuls make an ounce, 8 ounces make a cup.
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