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We are the only source online that sells Factory Authorized ECOsmarte parts.   

The other supplies offered on this site are products and equipment that have been found to be the best in the industry.  Price, reliability, longevity, safety, and ECOsmarte compatibility are all factors taken into account when deciding which products to use and offer.

We will offer promising new products that we find as we visit shows around the world, as well as products and technologies ECOsmarte is developing.

We believe in our products.  If you have questions about any of them please use one of the many ways to contact us to ask questions before you buy.  

Correctly sized equipment, such as pool filters, is crucial to the success of the entire system.  Online tools are being developed to provide recommendations on equipment size.  In the meantime, please contact us to be absolutely sure about which equipment will work best.  If a non-ECOsmarte pool professional has made equipment recommendations, please double check with us before ordering a pool filter and/or pump.  Chemically sanitized pools can get by with undersized equipment, but an ECOsmarte pool requires correctly sized equipment.