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Calcium Test (Pool)

The Ideal Calcium Level In A Pool

The ideal calcium level is 400+ ppm.  To avoid problems, keep the calcium level over 300 ppm.   Recommended Digital Test Kit Product recommended to raise calcium are 

How To Raise The Calcium Level In A Pool

Items needed to raise the calcium level in a pool:   Calcium Test Kit or 

How To Test Calcium In A Pool

Items needed to test calcium in a pool:    Digital Test Kit Digital Test Kit   Test pH and adjust to 6.6 - 7.0 before performing any other tests. 1)  Take a sample of pool water from about 18" below the surface and ...

How To Lower The Calcium In A Pool

There will never be a reason to lower calcium.  If the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) get too high (2500+) the pool needs to be drained and refilled. Calcium is only a component of the TDS and the calcium itself will never need to be adjusted downward...

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