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Control Box Lights Continuously Circling On A City POE

There are two things that will cause the lights on the control box to keep circling on a city POE:


  • Particulate Causing The Turbine To Stick
  • Leaky Toilet


The ECOsmarte control box lights must circle when water is flowing and must stop circling when water is turned off. Occasionally particulate can impair or stick the turbine, causing the lights to circle constantly or not at all

1)  Put the system in bypass.

2)  Unscrew the unions to the filter and pull the filter away from the wall.

3)  Reach inside the plumbing with a needle-nose pliers and pull out the turbine.

4)  Blow on the turbine to see if it spins freely.

5)  If it doesn't spin freely, clean it to remove whatever is making it stick.

6)  Reinsert the turbine into the plumbing and reassemble the filter.

If the turbine is not the cause of the issue, there is a leak in the plumbing system, usually the irrigation system.  While looking for the leak it is recommended to temporarily disconnect the copper electrode lead wires to prevent a build up of copper.  Leave the titanium wires in place.

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