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Control Box Lights Not Circling On A City POE

There are a few things that will cause control box lights not circling on a city POE:


  • Stuck Flow Switch
  • Loose Wire
  • Stuck Turbine 

How To Take Apart The Flow Switch:

1)  Shut off the water to the house, closing valves to prevent loss of water.

2)  Take the flow switch apart by pulling out the retaining string.  The switch will then come apart.

3)  Find the particle that is stuck in the spring and clean it out.

4)  Reassemble the flow switch.  

*Getting the retaining string back in is hard, but it will go back in.

Checking For Loose Wires - Osmonics Valve

1)  Check the wiring on the relay.  

2)  The wires should be going to numbers 2 and 4 and make sure they are not loose.

 Check And Clean Turbine - Fleck or Osmonics Valve

1)  Put the system in bypass.

2)  Disassemble from valve body, sliding tank forward.

3)  With the tank slid forward at least 3", remove valve turbine assembly with needle nose pliers. Note: Bypass is hard plumbed.

4)  The turbine assembly and protective screen should be inspected and wiped clean after removing from the valve as pictured above.

5)  Clean with white vinegar and moist rag. Replace by hand and reassemble, sliding tank back to the plumbed bypass.

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