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Copper Test (Pool)

The Ideal Copper Range In A Pool

The range copper needs to be in to be effective is .4 ppm - .7 ppm.

How To Lower The Copper Level In A Pool

There are two ways to lower the copper in the pool water.   1) Lower the water level.  Drain down two feet of pool water and refill. Repeat if necessary. or 2)  Use ECOsmarte Ferre Tabs and follow the instructions...

How To Test Copper In A Pool

Items needed to test copper in a pool:    Digital Test Kit Digital Test Kit   Test the pH.  If it is above 7.2, adjust it to 6.8 - 7.2 before testing the copper.  If the pH is out of that range the copper test won...

How To Raise The Copper Level In a Pool

How to raise the copper level in a pool:1)  Make sure the pump and filter are running and the control box "high/low" setting is on "high".2)  Switch the control box to "Ionize".3)  Allow the system to ionize for a complete filter cycle...

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