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Copper Test (Spa)

Water Testing And Maintenance Schedule

Items Needed For Regular Spa Water Testing And Maintenance:   Digital Test Kit Digital Test Kit Liquid Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric Acid) or 

How To Lower Copper In A Spa

To lower the copper level in a spa simply drain the spa down a foot or so and refill.  Retest the copper and repeat if necessary.  If the spa copper is so high that it has coated the spa it might be necessary to completely drain the...

How To Test Copper In A Spa

Items Needed to test the copper.   Digital Test Kit Digital Test Kit   *Test the pH first.  If it is above 7.2, adjust it to 6.68 - 7.0 before testing the copper.  If the pH is out of that range the copper test won't...

Ideal Copper Range In A Spa

  0 Rating/ Voters The ideal copper range for an ECOsmarte spa is anywhere from .4 ppm - .7 ppm.

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