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How To Clean The Pool Surface

There are several ways to clean the pool surface:

First, try using one of the methods using liquid acid.  If that doesn't work, try using ascorbic acid for spot cleaning.

Items needed to clean the pool surface with liquid acid:

There are two methods to clean the pool surface using liquid acid.

Cleaning Method One:

1)  Lower the copper to under 0.3 with ferre tabs.  

2)  Add 3 gallons muriatic acid to the water.   

3)  Measure the copper level once per day and if it rises to .7 use more ferre tabs.  

4)  Once all of the stains are removed, raise the pH back up with borax at 4 lbs per day.  

TIP:  Do not overshoot high on the pH or re-staining will occur.  Keep the pH to 6.6.

Cleaning Method Two:

1)  Drain the pool completely

2)  Spray 2 parts water 1 part acid to the surface and rinse.

Item needed to spot clean the pool surface using ascorbic acid:

Put the ascorbic acid inside something like a sock to contain it.  Use it to rub over the affected surface.

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