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How To Close A Pool In The North

1)  Prior to closing day - make sure the pH is lowered to 6.8 and the copper is raised to .7ppm for closing

2)  Drain water to below skimmers by running the pump to waste through only the main drain.

3)  Turn off the pump.  

4)  Disconnect power to the ECOsmarte Control Box and remove the lead wires from the chamber.  

5)  Store the electronic box indoors for the winter.  Also store the electrode chamber indoors.  Be careful when unscrewing the electrode chamber.  Use a strap wrench, belt, or rubber strap to loosen the chamber, never a metal wrench or channel locks.  A bead of liquid dish soap around the threads will also help loosen the chamber.  A blank/winter chamber can be put in place of the electrode chamber in the plumbing.

6)  Lay out all the equipment needed for winterization.

7)  Unsrew return jets, have jet plugs ready.


8)  Unscrew the ECOsmarte Electrode Chamber by the quick connect unions on both ends of the chamber.
9)  Store the chamber indoors for the winter. 

10)  The 12" gap in the return line left by the electrode chamber removal will be your "blow spot".
Using a shop-vac , blow toward the return side of the piping from the blow spot, making sure all returns are open.

11)  Close all return valves.  Using the winter plugs, plug all jets except the jet nearest to the pump.

12)  Open the return line nearest to the pump and blow air through that line from the blow spot.

Repeat this for each return line, replugging each jet after water is purged.

13)  Carefully pour one gallon RV Anti-freeze into the return side of the plumbing (probably from the blow spot)

14)  Push anti-freeze through with the shop vac until you can see anti-freeze coming out of the intended jet.

Repeat this for each line starting with the furthest jet and working toward the pump.

Prior To Suction Side Winterization:

15)  Remove the drain plug from the hair and lint basket (sump).  Allow to drain completely.

16)  Remove drain cap from the filter (if it's a sand filter, remove the smaller of the two caps).

17)  Pour one gallon RV anti-freeze directly into each skimmer.

18)  Plug the skimmers.  If a Gizmo is not used, leave an empty plastic anti-freeze jug in the skimmer cavity (the plastic jug will absorb winter expansion).

Main Drain:

19)  With the skimmer valves closed, open the main drain valve.

20)  Clean the hair and lint basket (sump) at pump.  Remove the basket.  Replace the drain plug.

21)  Pour approximately two gallons of RV anti-freeze into thehair and lint basket.  Close the basket cover.

22)  Blow from suction side of the blow spot with the main drain valve open, until you can see a small trace of anti- freeze entering the pool.

23)  Close the valve quickly


Stuff a rag or sock into each end of the blow spot.  Rubber band or duct-tape rags in place.

If there's a slide, water-powered vacuum, or water-fill hose installed on the pool they will need to be blown out and filled with anti-freeze. 

Use the above procedure in most cases.  Some slides, however, may need to be blown from the spot of disconnection.

Set the sand filter 7-way valve to the "winter" or "closed" position.

Remove ladder and railings.  Lift cover plate and unfasten 7/16" or 1/2" bolts.

Cover the pool with the winter cover.  If a water bag cover is used, fill water bags half-full to prevent winter cracking.  

Also, allow the cover's slack to fall into the pool and anchor a load of snow.

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