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How To Install A City POE

Items Need To Install A City Point-Of-Entry:

  • Measuring tape
  • Solder
  • PVC Glue
  • Duct Tape
  • Funnel
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Torch
  • Pipe Cutter


Filter Tank Installation Set Up:

1)  Position your filled tank where it will be permanently located.

2)  Take measurements for plumbing configuration, and actual length of drain hose required.

3)  The bypass valve can be separated from the valve body by removing the two screws and “u” clips, to allow the tank to be pulled out for easier installation.

4)  Either PVC or copper pipe and fittings should be used and precut and fitted.

5)  Unions and shut-offs should be considered to allow bypass and servicing of equipment.

6)  Shut off main water supply and install. Replace grounding straps (jumper) where PVC has replaced copper.

Electronics Installation:

1)  The ECOsmarte Filter Valve and the ECOsmarte® Point-of-Entry control box may plug into the same outlet, both 110V.

2)  The thin wire from the Point-of-Entry control box and the cable from the water valve relay must be connected to activate the system when water flows. The water valve is designed to regulate current from the control box to your electrodes.

3)  The thick wire from the ECOsmarte® control box connect to the copper chamber. The voltage Power wire from the ECOsmarte® control box is a double wire and can be split and cut and fit as desired. The thinner, low-voltage wire connects to the water valve sensor

4)  There is a circle of red lights on the control box. The valve sensor activates the circling lights. Approximately every 1.25 minutes the lights will reverse direction. The change in direction indicates a polarity reversal that induces self cleaning of the electrodes. The lights must be on to indicate the system is operating. A light circles when a faucet is opened. A single light in the noon position indicates power available to the system

Filter Tank Filling:

For ease of handling and installation it is sometimes preferable to load and fill tanks at the location. These are procedures to follow:

 1)  Tape the top of the distributor tube, to prevent media from getting into it. If media gets into the distributor tube it will plug up the backwash valve causing poor or no water to flow.

 2)  Center the distributor tube with a 1/4 to 1/2 inch extension above the top of the tank.

 3)  With optional fill funnel hold tube centered and install clean and washed coarse gravel. This should cover the base of the distributor tube by 2 to 3 inches minimum.  (Pre-measured)

 4)  Check to make sure that the tape at the top of the distributor tube is not damaged.

5)   For Well Water: Additional Hydroxite™ for iron and odor removal for rural well water installations is required in the first tank.

6)   Add activated carbon. Caution should be used as the fine dust easily gets all over the work area.  It is highly recommended to use a respirator mask when filling, The activated carbon packaging has been pre-measured for volume and is the exact amount needed for the tank.

7)  After adding media, clean the top of the tanks and threads, making sure all particulate is wiped clear off.

8)  Check and remove tape and clean the top of the distributor tube.

9)  Move the tank close to the area of installation and fill with water. The tank should sit for 24 hours to let the media settle and escape. Air trapped in the filter can force small amounts of carbon into the water supply at start-up of the system.

Installation of Control Head:

1)  After positioning the tank, lubricate the distributor tube o-ring seal and the tank o-ring seal. The 1" distributor tube should be cut flush with the top of each tank or 1/16" maximum above the tank.

2)  Place the main control valve on tank. Note: Only use silicon lubricant

3)  Keep the timer head straight when screwing on tank, as this will pull the distributor tube through the o-ring.

4)  Place the ECOsmarte® On Board Control in by-pass position. Turn on main water supply. Open a cold water tap nearby and let it run a few minutes or until clear. Close the water tap.

5) Place the ECOsmarte® On Board Control in service position and let water flow into the tanks. When water flow stops, slowly open a cold water tap nearby and let run until air is purged from unit.

Attaching The Chamber Wires:

1) Plug the unit into an electrical outlet and program the water valve. 

2)  The thicker of the two wires coming from the ECOsmarte® Controller will get connected to the electrode chamber installed in your water line. That wire will contain one Black and one Red wire with female ends already attached. 

3)  The red and the black wires go to the male connectors on the copper electrodes on either side of the chamber

4)  The gray jumper wire then connects by attaching one end of the jumper wire on either side of the chamber on the copper end.  The other end of the jumper wire connects by attaching on either side of the chamber on the titanium end.   Now, all 4 electrode plates will receive power when water is turned on in the house, as activated by your water valve sensor.

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