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How To Operate The Standard Turbo Pool System

1)  If switching from chlorine, make sure the total chlorine is .3 ppm or less.

2)  Test Calcium.  Raise to 300 ppm minimum, 400 ppm ideal.

3)  Lower pH to 6.6.  Expect the pH to continue to rise and that it will need to be lowered again.

4)  Test to make sure phosphates are under 200 ppm (0 is ideal).  Use phosphate remover if phosphates are present.

4)  Begin to ionize by pushing the "ION/OXY" to "ION" button and the "HIGH/LOW" button to "HIGH.

5)  Allow to ionize for 24 hours and test the copper.  Continue to ionize until the copper reaches .5 ppm - .7 ppm.

6)  Once the correct copper range is reached, switch the system to "OXIDIZE" on "HIGH".  

7)  The system will oxidize 6 days per week and ionize one day per week.

*Note:  The ECOsmarte Pool System must operate at the same time as the pump and filter.  If the ECOsmarte System is operating with the pump and filter off it will wear down the electrodes quickly.

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