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How To Raise The Copper Level In a Pool

How to raise the copper level in a pool:

1)  Make sure the pump and filter are running and the control box "high/low" setting is on "high".

2)  Switch the control box to "Ionize".

3)  Allow the system to ionize for a complete filter cycle and test it again.

4)  If the copper is not within the .5ppm - .7ppm range, but is above.3ppm, allow it to ionize for another half filter cycle and test it again.

5)  If the copper level stops at .3 ppm and won't go any higher, test the calcium.

6)  Raise calcium, if needed, to 300 ppm minimum, 400 ppm ideally.

7)  Try to raise copper.  If it still doesn't rise, test phosphates. Use a phosphate remover if needed to get the phosphates to 0 (under 100 ppm)

8)  Raise copper up to .5 ppm - .7 ppm.

9)  Once the copper is within the .5 ppm - .7 ppm range switch the system setting back to "Oxidize" and leave it on that setting until the copper drops to .5 ppm or below.

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