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How To Replace The Titanium Electrodes In A Pool System

Items needed to replace the titanium electrodes in a pool system:


  • Clear Silicone
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Metal File (possibly needed to create a groove in the lip of the electrode chamber)


1)  Turn the pump and filter off and close the valves to prevent water loss when taking the electrode chamber out of the plumbing line.

2)  Slip the wires off of the metal tabs on the outside of the chamber.

3)  Unscrew the union ends on each end of the chamber being careful not to crack the chamber.  If the ends are too tight to unscrew by hand, use a strap wrench.  *Do not use channel locks or metal wrenches!  A drop of liquid dish soap around the threads of the chamber will also help loosen the chamber.

4)  Unscrew the titanium electrodes from the chamber and allow them to drop out.

5)  Put one new titanium electrode in at a time.  

*You may have to use a file to create a groove in the lip of the chamber.  It is a tight fit and the chamber can warp slightly making it very difficult to get the new electrodes in.

6)  Balance the new titanium electrode over the screw hole and attach the new electrode into the chamber.

7)  Repeat for the other titanium electrode.

8)  Put a bead of silicone around the outside of the rubber grommet on the outside of the electrode chamber - to prevent leaking from the screw holes.

9)  Put the chamber back in the plumbing line so that the copper electrodes are first in the flow of water and the titanium electrodes are last.  Do not over tighten.  Hand tight is sufficient.  Tighten until there is no leaking.

10)  Attach the wires to the chamber.  Green and Red wires go to the copper electrodes.  Black and White wires go to the titanium electrodes.

11)  Open the valves and turn the water back on to put the system back in service.

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