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How To Test Calcium In A Spa

Items Needed to test the calcium.

*Test pH and adjust to 6.6 - 7.0 before performing any other tests.

Calcium Test Kit

1)  Take a sample of water from below the surface of the water.

2)  Dip one paper calcium test strip into the water for 3 seconds and then remove.

3)  Immediately match to the closest color on the color chart

4)  Read results as ppm and record.

Tip:  Store test kits in a cool dry place to preserve them.  Do not store in sunlight, heat or extreme cold.  It is recommended to replace test kits every year to ensure accuracy.

Exact Micro Digital Test Kit

1) Remove one test strip from the bottle and place the strip in a convenient, dry place. Immediately recap the bottle.

2) Press the zero/on button to power the meter on. The display will show the panel indicators status, then the current menu selection, then the results of the last reading.

3) Repeatedly press the Menu button until the display shows CA5.

4) Rinse the clear plastic sample cell at least 3 times with the water you will be testing. This lowers the possibility of cross-contamination from other tests. Then, fill the plastic sample cell completely with a water sample. Take the sample from below the surface of the water. 

5) "Press the zero/on button. The cursor will move across the screen and then the display will read 0.00PPM

6)  Dip the calcium test strip into the water sample and immediately press READ. This starts the 20 second countdown timer. 

7)  During the 20 second countdown, gently swish the test strip back and forth in the sample water.

8)  When the time displays 1, remove the test strip from the sample.

9)  The cursor will move across the display as it prepares to read the results.

10)  When the results are displayed it is suggested you record the results. The tester also saves the result.

11)  Rinse the plastic sample cell immediately - calcium tests cause a coating on the cell that will become hard to remove.

Tip:  Test strips can sometimes vary due to the manufacturing process. If any test strip is obviously much bigger or much smaller than the other strips, do not use it as it will probably give inaccurate results.

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