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Loss Of Water Pressure Or Flow In A City POE

Possible causes of loss of water pressure or flow in a city POE:


  • Scale Removal 
  • City Water System Lost Pressure
  • Bypass Valve Partially Closed
  • The Filter Media Is Fouled because backwashing hasn’t occurred, drain line is plugged or pump output is too low


1)  In older houses where the ECOSmarte System is newly installed, the buildup of scale will start to loosen.They will suddenly break free and get caught in the screen in the faucets.  Unscrew the screen to allow the chunks of scale to fall out.  This only happens once.  It doesn't recur.

2)  Check to see if city is problem.

3)  Check pump and pressure tank

4)  Check valve positions on unit and in home.  Home valves may not be fully open. Open all valves completely, then turn back one-quarter turn to prevent future sticking.

5)  A booster pump or larger pip’rag is needed if there are regular occurrences.  A larger point-of-entry tank may be needed.

6)  Make sure tank has been backwashing

7)  Manually backwash the system, using your valve settings.

8)  If the filter media has been ruined from not backwashing, the filter media will need to be replaced.

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