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Orange Stains In Laundry Or Rotten Egg Odor In A Well POE

A few things will cause orange stains In laundry or rotten egg odor in a well POE:

  • Water is bypassing your tank,
  • Electrodes not getting power.
  • Tank is fouled and is not backwashing enough, improper backwashing.
  • Water source quality has changed.

1)  Check valve positions to make sure water is flowing through tank.

2)  Check to see that system has power. Check drain line for plugs. Run system through a manual backwash cycle. Check the flow to the drain.  If it isn't good flow\, open the tank and clean the head.

3)  Contact us to see if you may need a larger system that matches your increased water needs.

4)  Call us to retest water. New media or bigger tank needed.

5)  Call us to make sure system is working and is the proper size for your needs.

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