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Regular Testing And Maintenance Schedule In A Pool

Items needed for regular testing and maintenance in a pool:

Water Testing:

1)  Test pH twice weekly (unless using a Programmable Pool System, in which case only test pH once per week).  Lower pH, if needed, to 6.6 - 7.0.

2)  Test Copper once weekly.  (Raise Copper if needed to .4 ppm - .7 ppm)

3)  Test Phosphates at start up.  If phosphates are present in the water Remove Phosphates with a recommended phosphate remover.   Then check phosphates weekly.  If phosphates are not present (not a problem) only check them once per month.

4)  Test Calcium at start up.  Raise Calcium to 400 ppm (minimum 300 ppm).  If the pool is in an area of heavy rain test the calcium after heavy rain and about once per month.  Otherwise, check calcium level about twice per year.

NOTE:  Please test pH, copper, calcium, and phosphates after heavy rain and adjust accordingly.  Rainwater has no minerals so it dilutes the calcium.  It contains organic material (algae) so it has a high pH.  It also often contains phosphates.  This combination will cause an algae bloom if not adjusted for right away.

ECOsmarte System Maintenance:

1)  Clean Electrodes/Electrode Chamber twice per year.  We recommend cleaning in the spring and over 4th of July weekend.

2)  Replace Copper Electrodes every 1 - 4 years, as needed.

Pool Maintenance:

1)  Keep debris out of the pool as much as possible.  An Automatic Pool Vacuum is highly recommended with an ECOSmarte pool to reduce maintenance.  The vacuum needs to have an onboard filter.  Pool vacuums that pull through a skimmer reduce the overall circulation of the pool water.

2)  Brushing the sides of the pool is also recommended.  A pool brush recommended for this task is the Wall Whale.

Filter Maintenance:

1)  Filter back washing is done differently depending on the filter;

      a)  Sand Filter With Sand - Backwash after a 6 pound pressure rise

      b)  Sand Filter With GlassPack Filter Media - backwash after 6 lb pressure rise or every 6 weeks, whatever comes first.

      c)  DE Filter - backwash after 6-10 lb pressure rise.

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