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Setting The Hours To Ionize

There are 2 ways to set  the hours for ionization on a programmable pool system:

 First is manual mode

1)  Enter security sequence "Up, Down, Up" to enter the system.

2)  Press the "Ion" button.  This will run continuous copper until the "Oxy" button is pressed.  

3)  Set the hours by moving the cursor and then using the Up and Down arrows to select the time you want to run.  Once your time is set, press "NEXT/ENTER" and it will set.

The usual way to set the ionization is by using the "NEXT/ENTER" button

1)  Enter security sequence "Up, Down, Up" to enter the system.

2)  Press the "NEXT/ENTER" button.  This will bring up a screen that says Su off (meaning Sunday off).  The "NEXT/ENTER" button will change the days of the week.  

3)  Select the day before your normal water testing day and then press the "Up" arrow to turn that day on.  

4)  Once it is turned on, move the cursor to the time and select your run time.  It is preset for 10 am to 4 pm.  

*One important note is the ECOsmarte operation time must be at the same time the pump and filter are running.  In the spring and summer it is normal to run ECOsmarte (In the Ionize mode) and the pump/filter for 8-10 hours per week. During the winter (in the south) they should run about 2 hours per week.  Once your time is set, just press "NEXT/ENTER" until you pass "Sat" (Saturday) and return to the main screen.  "Ion" should then read with the time you selected and the day indicated that it will run.

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