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Spa Cover Care Tips

Spa cover care is important to lengthening the life of the cover.


  • Do not put anything on top of the cover.  It was not designed to hold anything other than it's own weight
  • Remove snow and water from the cover.  If water puddles on the cover, take the foam out and turn it over so it forms a mound rather than a valley.
  • Clean the cover regularly with mild soap and water.  Spa covers contain plasticizers that slowly escape the material over time.  Using vinyl cleaner and conditioner might help slow down the deterioration process.
  • Do not use products with silicone, alcohol, solvents, petroleum, abrasive cleaners or strong detergents to clean the spa cover.  Febreze can be used for odor control and Borax can be used on the mesh (drip hole bottom) with a damp cloth.
  • Handle the spa cover carefully to avoid ripping at seams and handles.  The materials can weaken in the heat of the sun and make them more vulnerable to rough handling.
  • floating blanket can also extend the life of the spa cover and provides better insulation value in the winter, depending on cover engineering.
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