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Spa Problems

Copper Electrodes Wearing Away Fast In A Spa

If the Testing And Maintenance Schedule to keep the water balanced and prevent fast electrode wear.

Dark Oily Coating On Spa Surface

A black, blue, or green coating on the spa surface is high copper.  This usually happens if the ECOsmarte box is on left on "ionize" rather than switched over to "oxidize".  It causes no harm to the spa or bathers and is removed with a cloth...

Smelly Spa Cover

To fix a smelly spa cover: Use mild soap and water  and asoft cloth to wipe down the spa cover. Use borax on the bottom drip holes, mesh, to help eliminate microbe growth

Smelly Spa Water

If the spa water is smelly, the spa filter needs to be cleaned.  The spa cover will also need to be wiped down with mild soap and water. Items Needed To Clean The Spa Filter And The Spa Cover:   Liquid Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric ...

Copper Electrodes Wearing Unevenly In A Spa System

Items needed to determine why copper electrodes wear down unevenly: Voltmeter Phosphate Test Kit Sodium Test Kit TDS Test Kit 1)  Test phosphates.  If the phosphates are above 100 ppm use a recommended phosphate remover. ...

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