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Spa Start Up

Items Needed For Spa Start Up With ECOsmarte:

1)  When either draining or filling your spa, always turn off the electrical power by switching off the breaker or switching off the disconnect.

2)  Fill the spa with a garden hose, using either cold or warm water (max. 115 degrees F). Never fill straight from a hot water faucet, which can exceed the manufacturer's recommended temperatures. If you have a filter/skimmer combination housing, fill the filter housing first. If you receive a "flow" error message, disconnect the topside digital control connector from the bottom side power supply or bleed the pump union to release air in the lines.

3)  If you have a dial thermostat, turn it down all the way. This is to protect the heater in case there is an air pocket.

4)  Run the jets on full to allow all of the air to be removed from the lower plumbing. Once you have good jet circulation, turn up the thermostat, or set the digital temperature. We recommend 102 degrees to start, 104 degrees is the maximum available.

5)  Set the filter pump to circulate for 6 hours per day on outdoor installs (on smaller, under 250 gallon as little as 4 hours), either continuously, or in two separate filter times, or 2 to 3 hours each. On start up always use "Standard" mode on digital electronic spas. On indoor installs set for 4 total hours per day.  Heat can build if you run longer causing error messages on digital controls. (Three season porches are indoor.)

6)  Test pH.  If it is above 7.2, lower it using 1/8 cup increments of liquid acid and adjust to 6.6 to 7.0.  

7)  Test calcium.  If it is below 300 ppm, use calcium hardness increaser to raise the calcium to above 400 ppm.  (Calcium will only need to be adjusted on fresh fills)

8)  Place the hard cover on the spa, and let it heat on the filter pump, NOT in the economy mode. You will put the copper in while heating the water.

9)  Switch on the ionize mode to high and run for 2 hours. Test copper with copper test kit, bring copper to between 0.3 ppm to 0.5 ppm. If you over-ionize, there is no cause for concern, but it can add a green copper ion precipitant to the spa surface, which wipes off easily with lemon juice or white vinegar.

10)  When you reach the initial copper level where it  will remain stable, turn on the oxidizer to run on high.  Ideally a pressure switch or ozone supply will power the ECOsmarte whenever the pump operates.

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