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When To Replace The Copper Electrodes In A City POE

How to know when to replace the copper electrodes in a city POE:

  • The copper electrodes are loose and wobbly on the screws
  • They have fallen off of the screws
  • They are less than about 1/16" thick

The general amount of time the copper electrodes will last in a city POE are approximately 5-7 years. 

The copper electrodes in a city will last a varying amount of time depending on conditions such as:

  • Hardness Of Source Water - If the source water is very hard, the build up in the chamber can cause faster electrode wear.
  • Softness Of Source Water - If the source water is very soft, it will erode the copper electrodes faster.
  • pH Of Source Water -If the pH of the source water is very high or very low, it can cause faster wear on the copper electrodes.
  • Maintenance - If the maintenance isn't kept up on the ECOsmarte city poe, the electrodes may war down faster, as well as causing the filter media to wear out faster also.
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