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When To Replace The Copper Electrodes In A Pool System

There are 3 ways to know when to replace the copper electrodes in a pool system.

  • The Copper Electrodes Are Loose And Wobbly On The Screws
  • They Have Fallen Off Of The Screws
  • They Are Less Than About 1/16" Thick

The general amount of time the copper electrodes will last in a pool system are approximately 1-3 years.  

The copper electrodes in a pool system will last a varying amount of time depending on conditions such as:

  • Length of pool season - if the pool system runs year round the electrodes will wear down more quickly
  • Hours of operation - if the system runs more hours per day, the electrodes will wear down more quickly
  • Environment - if the water balance isn't optimal, the electrodes will erode sometimes very quickly
    • Calcium - calcium needs to be a minimum of 300 ppm with 400+ ppm being recommended.  Low calcium will eat the copper electrodes away very quickly.
    • Phosphates - phosphates present in the water will eat away the copper electrodes.  There should be 0 phosphates but keeping it under 100 ppm will help preserve the electrodes
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