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When To Replace the Titanium Electrodes In A Pool System

The life of the titanium electrodes is about 12,000 operating hours.  Calculate the titanium electrode life by multiplying the pool run time by approximate number of days to determine whether the electrodes are approaching end of life.  (Example:  A pool with the pool filter and ECOsmarte operating 8 hours per day, 365 days per year, for 4 years = 11,680 hours.  These electrodes are near end of life)

Other ways to tell whether the titanium electrodes may need to be replaced;

1)  The titanium electrodes have a black or dark slate grey coating on the surface of the plates that face each other.  As long as this coating is intact, the electrodes will work.  If the coating is 30% or more gone (with a lighter gray/silver color where the coating is missing), the plates should be replaced. (Please note, the back of the electrode where the screw attaches is the lighter silver gray color.  The completely smooth side of the electrode is the almost black color.  If the almost-black coating on the smooth side of the electrode starts to wear away it will begin to have the same silvery color as the back-side where the screw attaches to the electrode).

2)  Another way to test the electrodes to see if they are still producing oxygen is to test the dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water.  If the ECOsmarte system is working properly the DO should generally be above 6.0ppm.  Use a DO Tracer Meter Dissolved Oxygen Meter to measure D.O..

3)  If the pool is running clear (without the help of chemicals to keep it clear), the titanium electrodes are doing their job and don't need to be replaced. 

4)  If the chamber is still clear enough to see the titanium electrodes clearly you might be able to observe tiny bubbles being generated by the titanium electrodes.  The tiny bubbles indicate the titanium electrodes are working properly.

5)  And finally, if you aren't sure, you can send a photo of the electrodes for us to help determine whether they should be replaced.

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