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Metal Stop Spa 7,500 gal Pre-Filter
Metal Stop Spa 7,500 gal Pre-Filter

Metal Stop Spa 7,500 gal Pre-Filter

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Our spa filter uses 5 different polypropylene filters, 2 different types of food grade GAC and 2 different types of REDOX/CATALYTIC media for a total of 9 different filter stages.Up to 7,500 gallons!

There is a Better Way to Fill a Spa

Metal Stop Swimming Spa Pre-Filter - The only filter of its kind... ever!

Seems like there’s always been a chemical for this and a chemical for that. In fact, seems like there’s a chemical for just
about everything. There’s metal removers (phosphate based products), then there’s phosphate removers, then there’s
clarifiers for all of the suspended solids in the fill water, then there’s foam inhibitors for the clarified solids and finally a
scum remover for the foam inhibitor. GET THE POINT? Why not just remove these contaminants with our easy to use
spa/hot tub pre-filter so the spa water is pristine at the point of fill… And on every top off too ?

The Filter's Story

With more than 2 decades of Operational experience in product need awareness and design, the management team at 7 TECH set the bar for spa and swim spa pre-filtration; that is fill water filtering.. Our pre-filters utilize the finest food grade removal media. We build a standard carbon filter & multiple REDOX medias for stain causing heavy metals

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Type Automatic and Manual Operation

Many of the water quality issues consumers experience can be directly
attributed to the very water they are filling their pools with. Metals,
contaminants and chemicals are not only bad for pools, but can be
dangerous to humans. You need more than just one type of filter.


It's EASY to do it right!

The filters attach to the garden hose that you'll use to fill your spa, hot tub or swimming pool. Simply insert the male end of your hose into the filter and turn the filter until secure. Fill the spa and then store it for top-offs and future fills.

  • Q: How many times can I use one filter?

    Each filter can be used up to their specified gallon amount. Just store the filter safely away between uses and use it the next time you fill your pool or spa.

  • Q: How does the filtration work?

    The filters are made exclusively with mixed bed media using a 5 different kinds of polypropylene, GAC (granular activated carbon), and redox for 5 total stages of filtration.

  • Q: What do the filters remove?

    Our Metal Stop filters remove virtually all metals from the water including lead, copper, mercury, silver and cadmium. The filters also tackle chlorine, asbestos, arsenic, chloroform, chromium, pesticides, and salmonella. The Metal Stop filters take out just about everything except for WET!

  • Q: What can these pre-filters do that other pre-filters do not?

    Our powerful system removes or destroyes virtually every threat to human safety as well as the staining chemicals, pesticides and metals that can harm your pool or spa or your regular filtration system. A pre-filter gives your regular filtration system a huge break and keeps you and your pool safe from harmful chemicals than can be found in your water.


The filters can be reused up to their maximum gallon count so just store the filter safely between uses.

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Meter Model Exact EZ
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