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PharmaSpa Eucalyptus Liquid Spa Scent
PharmaSpa Eucalyptus Liquid Spa Scent

PharmaSpa Eucalyptus Liquid

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PharmaSpa Eucalyptus Liquid Fragrance for Spas and Hot Tubs is recommended for respiratory issues. Add fragrance to spa water for a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Savor the fortifying vapors of timeless eucalyptus when you add this PharmaSpa fragrance to your waters! Our convenient liquid is easy to apply so you can settle in to enjoy the many healing benefits of this popular aroma with minimal preparation. The right scent can have a profound impact on your overall wellbeing. When you combine this relaxing liquid with warm water, you have a recipe for total rejuvenation that will encourage better health.

Eucalyptus brings so many healing properties to your spa. Invigorate your mind and body after a busy day or find temporary relief from respiratory congestion. The menthol scent will work its way deep inside to relieve breathing-related discomfort and help muscles unwind. Just a few drops of our long lasting liquid fragrance can alleviate stress to produce a complete soothing effect that is great for regular relaxation sessions. This potent product will pamper you with a verdant scent that will put your spirit at ease. Each bottle contains 240 ml of liquid spa and bath fragrance.

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Spa Scent Liquid Or Crystal Liquid
Size 16 Ounce
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