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PharmaSpa Tigerbalm Spa Crystals
PharmaSpa Tigerbalm Spa Crystals

PharmaSpa Tiger Balm Crystals

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PharmaSpa Tiger Balm Spa Fragrance is recommended for soothing relief from general aches. Add fragrance to spa water for a therapeutic and refreshing spa experience.

Our Tiger Balm spa fragrance is a convenient way to bring the sensations of the professional spa into your home. Bathe in this luxurious aroma and let your mind and body soak up its many healing benefits. Raise comfort levels while reducing stress each time you step into a warm tub or spa scented in exquisite Tiger Balm. This fragrance features a pleasant combination of elements accented with a tenacious menthol bite.

Arthritis sufferers can reduce pain and stiffness with this easy to use fragrance. Just add a few drops or crystals to the bath or spa to lower tension and alleviate the discomfort associated with joint and muscle related conditions. Rest is vital to regeneration of tissues. Our aromatherapy products will help you get the best rest possible without the expense of going to a commercial spa. An occasional dip is all you need to soak in the benefits offered by our Tiger Balm.! This bath and spa liquid fragrance is available in 240 ml bottles, or in 350 g jars.

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Spa Scent Liquid Or Crystal Crystal/Salt
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