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LaMotte  InstaTest 3021-g
LaMotte  InstaTest 3021-g

Phosphate Test Kit

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Test for phosphates in ECOsmarte pools and spas

Our phosphate test kit is one of the best currently available on the market. This product is a must-have tool for anyone who maintains spas or pools near any kind of farmland. Phosphates can find their way out of fertilizer and into your pool through rain. This substance will encourage algae growth by feeding it, transforming your tranquil waters into a discolored mess.

Discover the problem before it becomes a never-ending battle. This product is extremely easy to handle and yields accurate results. It comes highly recommended for use with all ECOsmarte spas and pools. Applying the test involves removing one strip from the package and placing it in the water. Your results are instant so you can act quickly before algae growth gets out of hand. Each package includes 25 individual test strips so you can monitor progress and perform spot checks as necessary. Keep your pool clean and clear by stopping algae before it takes root!

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Type Automatic and Manual Operation
Quantity Single
Meter Model Exact EZ
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