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Privacy Policy

ECOsmarte Online Store does not share or sell any of our customers' information.  

Your shipping and billing details are stored to make ordering and reordering simple.  We dont store any sensitive information anywhere in our system.  We use your email address to send information about your orders.  We sometimes send store update information.  There is an unsubscribe link in the emails, if you don't want to receive any non-order related information just click on the unsubscribe link.  You can also reply to any email to request to be on the no-contact list.

ECOsmarte Online Store has implemented additional precautions to ensure the privacy of your personal information. We have a strict firewall in place which does not allow any outside access, as well as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protection to provide the highest security possible. Access in the company is limited to only individuals who need to be able to see customer data in order to perform their job functions, such as the billing department. Important personal data is backed up on the network to help insure its integrity.