Sea Klear Phosphate Remover Commercial Case of 12

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Sea Klear Phosphate Remover is a very powerful product for removing phosphates from swimming pools.

Phosphates are a problem everywhere for all kinds of pools. We sell the Sea Klear Phosphate Remover because it is a great product, removing phosphates up to and over 1000ppm. Other recommended products that may be found locally are: Phos-free, Zero Phos, and Phos-X. If phosphates are 1000ppm or over, however, the only product we recommend is the Sea Klear Phosphate Remover and ECOsmarte On Contact Phosphate Remover.

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Customer Questions
How to Treat For Phosphates Using Sea Klear Phosphate Remover Commercial

InstructionsDIRECTIONS FOR USE:INITIAL HIGH-PHOSPHATE TREATMENT:1. Clean or backwash filter.2. Calculate the amount of product required using the dosage guide. Pour Phosphate Remover in the pool,distributing it over as wide an area as possible.3. Run...

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