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Titanium Electrodes
Titanium Electrodes

Titanium Electrodes

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Replacement Titanium Electrodes for all ECOsmarte Systems. 
    2" titanium electrodes fit ECOsmarte Pool Systems and ECOsmarte Well Water Point-of-Entry (POE) Systems. 
    1 1/2" titanium electrodes fit ECOsmarte Spa Systems and ECOsmarte City Water Point-of-Entry (POE) Systems. 

Note:  Inside the electrode chamber there is a lip that needs to have a groove filed into it to get titanium electrodes in or out of the electrode chamber.  To avoid that, an alternative is to buy a Complete Electrode Chamber.  Follow this link to purchase a Complete Electrode Chamber.

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Titanium Electrodes Please note: Titanium electrodes now come pre-installed in a new chamber.
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Q - "How long do the titanium electrodes last?"

A - With proper care, titanium electrodes can last several years.  Phosphates over 100ppm, calcium lower than 400ppm, and pH that isn't stable can cause electrodes to wear prematurely.  Also, improper maintenance such as scrubbing or scraping the electrodes while cleaning them can damage them.  Follow cleaning instructions and keeping water balanced will get the longest life out of your electrodes, and your pool and pool equipment too.

Q - "How do I know if my titanium electrodes need to be replaced?"

A - There are a couple ways to see if your titanium electrodes are still working.

       1)  Look at the surfaces of the electrodes that face each other.  If they are still black, and not gray like the backside of the electrodes, they still have the coating that creates the oxygen.

       2)  Watch the titanium electrodes when they are in operation.  You should be able to see tiny bubbles coming off of them.  If not, they may need replacement.

       3)  Finally, use a Dissolved Oxygen Meter to measure the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pool.  There should be 6ppm dissolved oxygen.


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Customer Questions
When To Replace the Titanium Electrodes In A Pool System

The life of the titanium electrodes is about 12,000 operating hours.  Calculate the titanium electrode life by multiplying the pool run time by approximate number of days to determine whether the electrodes are approaching end of life.  (Example...

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