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Copper Electrodes Wearing Unevenly In A Spa System

Items needed to determine why copper electrodes wear down unevenly:

  • Voltmeter
  • Phosphate Test Kit
  • Sodium Test Kit
  • TDS Test Kit

1)  Test phosphates.  If the phosphates are above 100 ppm use a recommended phosphate remover.

2)  Use Sea Klear Phosphate Remover to remove phosphates

3)  Test TDS

4)  Test voltage.  Use a voltmeter to test the voltage at the bolt heads on the outside of the electrode chamber while the ECOsmarte System is operating.  Volts should be about 19 at each bolt, alternately. (Polarity switches about every 1:15 minutes.)  If they aren't, the control box needs to be shipped in for repair.

TIP:  If you do not have access to a voltmeter, send the control box into ECOsmarte to be tested and fixed if needed.  Follow these instructions for sending your ECOSmarte Control Box in for testing and repair:  

How To Package And Ship The Control Box In For Repair

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