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Reasons To Upgrade The Sand Filter To Glass Media

Reasons to upgrade the pool sand filter to GlassPack Filter Media

ECOsmarte highly recommends replacing the sand in your sand filter with GlassPack Filter Media.

Benefits include:


  • Long Life - The GlassPack Filter Media lasts at least 5 years and usually much longer.  Sand lasts, at best, about 2 years.
  • Particle Size Removal - GlassPack Filter Media removes particles down to 2 microns.  Sand removes down to 50 microns. (Blood and skin cells are 9 microns).
  • Efficiency - GlassPack Filter Media requires less water flow to clean the pool, resulting in less hours and less electricity needed to filter the pool.
  • Environmentally Friendly - GlassPack Filter Media is 100% post consumer waste.  Sand is mined, causing environmental destruction.
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