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Sand Filter Acid Wash (Sand Media)

Items Needed For Sand Filter Acid Wash (With Sand):

1)  Shut off the pump and close the valves.

2)  Take off the valve head.

3)  Unscrew the drain plug.

4)  Drain the water until the media is visible (this may take a while).

5)  Inspect the surface of the media for clumps of debris and remove.

6)  Replace the drain plug.

7)  Pour in 2 gallons of liquid acid, completely covering the media - let the filter sit for 12 hours, overnight.

8)  Backwash to "waste".

*If you are using a sand filter with ECOsmarte GlassPack Filter Media, please refer to Sand Filter Bleach Wash (Glass Media).  Same instructions but using regular household bleach rather than liquid acid.

Update:  The glass media can also be cleaned using the muriatic acid.  It provides a more thorough cleaning than the bleach.

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