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When To Replace The Copper Electrodes In A Spa System

The copper electrodes in a spa system will need to be replaced about every 5-7 years. 

There are 3 ways to know if your copper electrodes need to be replaced.

  • The copper electrodes are loose and wobbly on the screws
  • They have fallen off of the screws
  • They are less than about 1/16" thick

The life of the copper electrodes in a spa system can be severely shortened by a couple factors:

  • Low Calcium - Calcium under the recommended 400 ppm will cause the water to leach minerals from several parts of the tub, including the copper electrodes.
  • Phosphates - The presence of phosphates in the water causes very fast electrode wear.  If phosphates are over 100 ppm the following phosphate removers is recommended.
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