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Where To Install A City POE

Planning The Location For City POE Installation:

1)  All installation procedures must conform to local and state plumbing codes.

2)  Remember that the filter inlet is marked with arrows. This is connected to the main water supply (i.e., from the water pump or the water meter).

3)  Before installation, study the existing piping system and determine the type of fittings required. NOTE: If the plumbing system is used to ground the electric supply, continuity should be by installing ground swaps around any non-conductive plastic piping used in this installation, It’s highly recommended to use an alternative grounding source other than the water supply.

Filter Location:

1)  Select the location of your filter tank with care. The installation of the Point-of-Entry should allow for easy access to the main water supply, to allow for treatment of all water at the location.

2)  An accessible drain to backwash the system is required, since the tank will rinse itself at 1,500 gallons.

3)  Do not install a filter in a location where freezing temperatures occur. Freezing may cause permanent damage to this type of equipment, and will void the factory warranty. .

4)  Temperatures above 120 F may also damage filters and will void the factory warranty. Garage installation in desert climates is okay as long as direct sun light is avoided.

5)  IMPORTANT: If installed within 20 running pipe feet of your water heater, a check valve to prevent suction of hot water back into your filter is required.

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