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DE Filter

DE Filter Backwash

Items Needed To Backwash A DE Filter: Extra DE Powder 1)  Shut off the pump.2)  Put the filter in "backwash".3)  Turn the pump on and backwash the filter until the site glass is clear.  (about 1 minute)4)  Shut the...

DE Filter Acid Wash

Item needed to acid wash a DE filter: 2 Gallons Liquid Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric Acid), or Acid Magic Muriatic Acid Replacement Trisodium phosphate (TSP) To Acid Wash A DE Filter: 1)  Remove the grids.   2)  Soak the...

DE Filter Maintenance

DE filters are difficult to break down and should be done by a pool professional.  Have your DE filter broken down a couple times per year for a thorough cleaning and inspection.

When To Backwash A DE Filter

How to know when to backwash a DE filter:   Pressure Rise 6 - 10 lbs

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