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Pool Filter Problems

Bugs In The Filter And Or Water In A Pool

Items needed to get rid of bugs in the filter or water in a pool: For A Sand Filter With Sand and DE - Liquid Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric Acid) or Acid Magic (Muriatice Acid Replacement) For A Sand Filter With GlassPack Filter Media...

When Filter Media Is Getting Into The Pool:

If filter media is getting into the pool, it means there is a broken part in the filter.  In a sand filter it will be the laterals and in a DE filter it is the grids.  Have the filter repaired by a qualified pool professional.

Pressure Not Rising In A Sand Filter

There are a couple reasons for pressure not rising in a sand filter: Filter Media Is "Channeled" Filter Media Not Catching Particles 1)  If the filter media has gotten clumpy and has "channels" running through it where to water flows...

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