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Water Testing And Maintenance Schedule

Items Needed For Regular Spa Water Testing And Maintenance:


TIP:  For safe bathing, please drain and refill your spa regularly.  Every 3 months is highly recommended.

Weekly Water Testing:

1)  Test the pH.

2)  Bring the pH down to within 6.8 - 7.0 with small, capful sized doses of liquid acid diluted with water (4 to 1). 

3)  Test the copper.

4)  Bring the copper up to .4 ppm - .7 ppm by switching the ECOsmarte box to "Ionize" for 15 minutes in the "high" mode while circulating the water. 

5)  Retest the copper every 15 minutes until you reach the 0.4 to 0.7 target range.

Filter Maintenance Tips:


  • Do not use hot water on spa filters.
  • Do not put spa filter in dishwashers or car washes as it permanently ruins them.

Filter Maintenance Schedule:

It is best to own two sets of filters.  

Weekly - Swap out a clean filter every week.

Monthly - Soak filter in acid/water solution once per month.

Annually - Buy new filters every year. 

To Clean Filters Weekly:

1)  Spray the filter cartridge with a hose level pressure cold water nozzle. Spray in between each pleat in an up and down motion. Spray the cartridges as you remove them to allow them to dry before replacing in the spa. 

2)  If the filter is dirty looking, use Minute Rinse and then spray it off thoroughly. 

To Acid/Water Soak Filters Once Per Month:

1)  Put the clean filter into the spa filter housing and take out the dirty one. 

3)  Soak filter for at least 12 hours.

4)  Remove and thoroughly rinse the filter.  

5)  Let the filter dry so that the fibers have a chance to normalize. 


Electrode Chamber Maintenance Every Three Months

Drain the spa and soak your ECOsmarte Electrode Chamber.

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